Gift and Coupon Codes

Drive new sales for your webstore or service with our Gift and Coupon Codes. We provide the ideal sales process (purchase and delivery in seconds) to sell your codes. The fee to sell codes is one percent (1%) of the purchase price.

To create a coupon code:
1. Create a Gift & Coupon Code item - Go to your Catalog page and create a new item with the category "Gift & Coupon Codes". Fill in all the other details including where it can be used and any restrictions (see note below) and save it.
2. Upload preview or logo image - Once the item is saved, you can upload a preview image which is usually based on your webstore or company logo.
3. Create and upload the delivery file - Codes are delivered in the form of a downloaded text file that has the customer's specific code inside. To enable this file to be personalized, create a text file with the tag [code] somewhere within. Example:

Thank you for purchasing a $50 coupon code for Bob's Widgets from CoinDL!

Your code is [code]

This code will take $50 off your order of over $100 at or when applied at checkout. This code can be used only once.

Please contact us at with any questions about this code.



Note that the brackets are required for proper delivery of your code. Upload the file using the upload button in the File section.
4. Add code inventory. - From the same page, add one or more codes to the inventory by clicking on the Manage Coupon & Gift Codes link. Once a code is purchased it will be removed the list. If the item no longer has any codes in inventory the item will automatically be suspended from teh CoinDL catalog until more codes are added. Take care to keep enough codes in the inventory!

Like all items at CoinDL, Codes are limited to a purchase price of $50 or less worth of bitcoins.

Note: Due to laws that vary by jurisdiction, we can only carry codes that do not expire and carry no additional fees for the purchaser at checkout. Please note any other restrictions, such as minimum purchase amount, shipping options, etc. in the description of your item.

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