Bitcoin: Free Money or Fraud?  

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In today’s digital society could people choose to not use traditional money?

* A breakdown of Bitcoin: when it started, how it works, and where it's going

* How to mine your own Bitcoin

* Success stories from Bitcoin users: one person bought an airplane!

* The risks and rewards involved with the use of this new digital currency

Could there be an all electronic currency without the backing of government? Has cryptography and our computational security advanced to the point that such a currency could be handled on a peer-to-peer basis with no third-party intervention? In Bitcoin: Free Money or Fraud? Kyle Schurman breaks down the roots of this new digital currency and leads readers through the amazing things users have accomplished through bitcoin. This eBook leads readers through the risks involved with using the currency, debates and opinions, and the major players behind the unique and controversial digital "coin."

Download includes PDF, ePub, and .mobi formats.

Product Details

Year Published: 2011
Pages: 69
Illustrations: No

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