Stillium Partita  

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Stillium Partita 46:30


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Rupert Lally & Espen J Jorgensen


-[ 17 tracks ]- -[ 320kps MP3 ]- -[ 1% of sale goes to the Bitcoin Faucet ]-

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"Åpent Sår" introduces Stillium Partita with a gentle build of rhythmic kicks, layers of sweeping electronic samples, and tones hanging in the air waiting for everyone to take their seat. The scene for the album's 17 tracks settles into place.

A collaboration between Swiss/English electronic musician & sound designer, Rupert Lally and Norwegian electronic artist and filmmaker, Espen J. Jörgensen; Stillium Partita sets out a diverse landscape of ambient sounds, with hints of Orbital, 65daysofstatic, and even Vangelis.

The preview on is taken from the track "Ordensburg", but check out for a full preview. (Information wants to be free - but artists like to be paid.)

With its international foundation, and exploration of the electronic realm, the album is a perfect fit for a Bitcoin release. As such, 1% of sales from the album will go directly to the Bitcoin Faucet ( to encourage more newcomers to the Bitcoin economy.

The download comes as 320kps MP3s with no DRM restrictions, plus high-res JPGs for the album cover and inside art.

What more reason could you want for supporting music *and* Bitcoin?

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Year Published: 2012

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