A Quick Guide to Bitcoin  

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This eBook includes English and Chinese translations.

Bitcoin is money.

People are happy when they receive money, and even happier when they go shopping spending money, just as simple as that. This book is about 1) how to send bitcoins, 2) how to receive bitcoins and 3) how to get bitcoins.

It usually takes 1 hour’s reading, thinking and USING bitcoin for a person to see what bitcoin is and what bitcoin can do. When much time is given to EXPLAINING bitcoin this and bitcoin that, bitcoin is made headaches for all.

Using bitcoin is no more complicated than using USD or Euros or HKD. People watch TV without knowing how TV is made or who made it, don’t they? Who cares how money is made?

This book is dedicated to my wife Wendy, who is an accounting manager with a Beauty Salon chain store, and my nephew Buchan in high school. Neither of them has any technical background at all. Hopefully it will help you, your family and your friends as much.

HubenStein Bush

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Year Published: 2013
Pages: 17
Illustrations: Photos

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