Indacoin Review

Posted 16 Dec 2010

indacoin review

Indacoin is a UK-based company and its headquarters’ address is Las Suite 5 Percy Street, Fitzrovia, London, W1T 1DG, UK. Indacoin has got the world’s attention; with it is impressive and modern website as well as with their statement regarding zero or no fees to limit order’s execution. Indacoin is a worldwide platform permitting the fastest Bitcoin buying in more than two hundred countries using a debit or credit card as well as no registration.

Upon the first time use of the card, a call will be received from Indacoin stating the 4-digit code that should be used on the order page. Consequently, a 3-digit code that can be found alongside the charge amount on the online card statement should be entered.

There are certain limits in the first few transactions. First transaction’s limit is $50. Available during the 4th day, the second transaction’s limit is $100 and $500 on the 8th day from the first buy. Overall limit during the first month is $5,000 and then no succeeding limits anymore.

Having your card verified, cryptocurrency should be sent automatically in the span of ten minutes after you have paid.

Since a lot of people are already interested in the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency field, a greater interest is being shown to the reliability, credibility and the overall experience of the user granted by companies in relation to the cryptocurrency exchange. So now, let’s check if Indacoin can suffice to the challenge.

Indacoin Availability

Indacoin is usable in several languages like Russian, Spanish, Chinese and English. It is not good or bad since English is included in this multi-language platform which is an International Language. Some platforms offer up until seven different language, however this is not considered the primary flaw of the website.

With regards to the payment methods accepted, we saw from their website that they only accept 3D-Secured cards (Visa Verified or MasterCard SecureCode). They advised as well that they don’t store the card data.

There many different options you can use to pay for your cryptocurrency and among these are Payeer and PerfectMoney, OKPay and UnionPay, as well as debit or credit cards. Your mobile phone needs to be verified at first entering the special code. The steps to do this given upon signing up therefore you will not have any problems.

Indacoin Reliability

Indacoin is situated in the British capital, specifically in the UK. An instant exchange is readily offered and the company’s trustworthiness and great service is guaranteed by its location. Since there are no fees to execute your limit order which is really a great deal, it makes the service even more pleasurable and reliable. You can purchase Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies like Litecoin.

Indacoin Security

Indacoin's website is HTTPS and it means that there'll be no problem with encryption lacking. A verification code will be sent via SMS on your cellphone and this would be an added level of protection. As mentioned above, there will be no data stored from your credit card and this would make you feel more secured.

The privacy policy is really straightforward and stored from the website is the detailed info on the data. Just check the Terms of Use if you need more information. What prevents fraud is the use of secured cards which are 3-D and is a great benefit to enhance one's protection.

Indacoin User Experience

Continuing with our Indacoin review, this will be the verdict of a user experience. The website is really functional and modern. But, navigating through the website is not simple and there's no practical way as well. This will be astounding to people who aren't familiar with similar services online.

A much better way is the mobile app which offers flexibility and comfort. However, help from contact support might still be needed for users who aren't tech savvies because they could still encounter some difficulties.

The mobile app is much better, offering comfort and flexibility. However, the users that are not tech savvies can still come up with some difficulties and contact with support might be needed. Bu t still, signing up in the website’s homepage only requires your email and your password at first.

Keep in mind that analytic charts are available as well for significant details you can readily check into. For example, the price list of Bitcoin overtime as well as the number of your completed transactions can be observed in these charts.

Indacoin Availability and Support

Indacoin has a great department for support that caters all kinds of complaints and needs. Of course, the most direct and best way to contact Indacoin’s representatives is thru the live chat but is regrettably not available 24/7. The moment you entered the website, there will appear an automated message.

A consultant will be on hold the moment you call and will encourage you to tell them anything that’s been bothering you with regards to the services. You can contact them through email at [email protected] as well call them through a direct phone with this number: +442070482582.A list of FAQ can also be referred to for further information and also the department respective for news updates. Lastly, you can follow Indacoin through its social media websites, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Indacoin Review Conclusion

Upon reading throughout the whole Indacoin review yourself, the platform both has pros and cons. In one hand, the security is great and there is a support which consists of different choices you can turn to. Alternatives to the support are the live chat (not 24/7 available) and calling directly to the phone aside from the email and FAQ sections usually on offer.

Since the company is situated in UK, it correlates to the fact that the reliability of companies based on Europe can’t be ignored. Additionally, Indacoin’s website is modern and pretty neat, giving out excellent information through charts and also news updates. Also, the fact that it urges you to use only 3-D secure cards, to avoid fraud, intensifies their overall aim to protect your personal data.

One of the disadvantages however, is that some may not be able to catch up with the website’s technical nature. The actual navigation practicality is not available as well to encourage newbies in continuing with their exchange with cryptocurrency. Though the platform is already in multi-language (Spanish, Chinese, Russian and English), some people might still want more than that.

The zero fee protocol doesn’t cover all transactions actually, even if several people have hoped for it. The commissions significantly vary as well, so it means that you need to constantly check the exact fees to prevent unnecessary payments.

To sum up, Indacoin is really a reliable platform for the purpose of exchanging cryptocurrencies. However, there are still improvements needed especially in the user experience field. If these measures are addressed already, Indacoin will surely be an adversary worth admiring!